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There are thousands of bad credit auto dealers who claim they have the best deals for people with low income or poor credit. There seems to be one on every corner in larger cities and at least one in smaller towns. Why are there so many? Believe it or not, these auto dealers make great money!

But even though bad credit auto dealers (link to: ) are in business to make money, not all of them are out to get the desperate people who need transportation but don’t have the best credit report. Many of these dealers have practices in place to help consumers purchase a decent car and improve their credit at the same time. This is the type of dealer you want to find.

So, here are 5 steps to finding the reliable and trustworthy bad credit auto dealers in your area.

Step #1: Do some research.

There are several ways to research about auto dealers in your area. You can:

Step #2: Call the dealers in your shortlist.

Directly contact the dealers in your list in order to get information about their loan policies, interest rate and requirements. Don’t look for a car at this time. You’ll want to talk first to all the dealers to compare their rates and terms. Take notes and collect any paperwork, like quotes, available. After comparing, narrow down your list.

Step #3: Prepare to make a deal with either of your top 2 choices.

Go back to your top 2 dealers and explain what type of car you need and the maximum amount you want to spend. Never act as if you’ll take any car they have or settle for any loan you can get. Just because you have a bad credit doesn’t mean you must accept the worst deal possible. It’s important to take note of how they treat you in the process.

Step #4: Choose a dealer.

Choose the dealer who treats you as if you’re a prime borrower. You’ll want to choose a company who understands your circumstances and is willing to work with you to get your credit rating back to its former glory. Expect to pay a higher interest rate, though, and possibly more for the car you want to buy.

Step #5: Meet the requirements and file your application.

After finding the dealer you want to work with, fill out the papers and be prepared to comply with all the requirements. If at all possible, make a down payment even if it’s not required. A down payment will bring down the loan amount and show good faith.

Important Reminder: The dealership may require weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments. Whenever payment is due, pay on time every time. This is the most effective way to rebuild your credit.

So there you have it-5 steps to finding the best bad credit auto dealer in your area and how to work with them to improve your credit report!

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