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6 Optional Car Features You Don’t Really Need

Most car buyers spend more than what they should when buying a new car, because believe it or not, the overly excited new-car buyer in you is sometimes the one to be blamed for a high purchase price. Optional features are often enticing because they look cool, especially for the gadget-savvy buyers. But keep in mind that the usefulness of some of these features is actually questionable. Take a look at these examples.

1. In-Car Internet Access

It’s amazing how automotive technology has been evolving. Many automakers these days can turn your vehicle into a hotspot so you can, they say, work or be entertained even while on the road.

But a lot of people today have hotspot smartphones which function just the same. If you already have internet access in your mobile device, you don’t have to opt for one for your car.

2. DVD Entertainment System

A good movie is an effective boredom killer for long car trips. But unless you have some thousands of dollars to spare, don’t buy a DVD entertainment system for your vehicle. An iPad or a similar device is portable and can also keep you entertained. An iPad just costs at least $400 while a dual-screen DVD entertainment system sells up to more than $1,000.

3. Ambient Interior Lighting

A blue or red lighting color around your feet certainly looks cool. But is it reasonable to spend extra hundred dollars just for it?

4. Heated and Cooled Cup Holders

At least a pair of cup holders is necessary if you often drink your morning coffee in the car. But you don’t need them to have heating and cooling functions because they don’t really do the job well. Most heated and cooled cup holders that were tested heat and cool only the bottom part of a cup or bottle. Would you want a partially hot coffee or a half-cooled beverage?

5. Overpriced Navigation System

Many vehicles are still sold without a standard navigation system. And that’s completely OK. A lot of people today have navigation system installed in their smartphones. If your phone can already tell you which way to go, you don’t need to purchase an expensive navigation system for your new car.

6. Bigger Wheels

When contemplating on getting larger wheels, keep in mind that the size of your wheels does affect the overall performance of your car. In most cases, larger wheels make the ride less comfortable and rougher. It makes the steering feel heavy and affects the fuel economy. Upsized wheels also require more expensive tires.

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