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Financial Programs Get Low-Income Families on Road to Credit Freedom

Christina Hubbert was spending two hours each way going to and from work through public transportation. Recently, she bought a 2006 Honda which freed up life for her.

Hubbert, whose story appeared in, suffered the hassle of daily commute, jeopardizing her finances and even her time for her three-year-old daughter. She lives in suburban Atlanta and had to wake up at 5 every morning so she can arrive at work by 8.

With the 2-hour transit from work, the 24-year-old single mom often paid the late fees in the day care when she couldn’t make it at 6:30 P.M closing time to pick up her daughter.


Hubbert told TODAY’s Erica Hill that there was no room to relax or breathe. All that she has and could do is to keep going.

She got her car with a no-down-payment auto loan at 8 percent interest through Ways to Work, an auto loan program that helps low-income workers improve their credit and get a low-interest financing for used cars.

Ways to Work President Jeff Faulkner said that the program helps its members take steps to repair their credit through series of financial workshops. He made it clear that it is a “hand up” where recipients buy their cars, pay the interest on it and the fee if they are late on the payments.

Similarly, Prescott Financial is helping people with bad credit get behind the wheel with an auto loan that they could afford. They accept their customers’ applications regardless of the credit and find the lender with the best rate.

Such financial institutions are blessings to people like Hubbart who maxed out her credit cards when she was in college and made some unwise financial decisions. With a bad credit and poor financial life, she could only qualify for financing with an interest rate not lower than 18 percent.

Faulkner said that owning a vehicle can affect one’s financial success. He shared a study where the findings showed that people who have cars have more job opportunities than those who take the city bus.

Today, Hubbert no longer runs late to the day care and spends more time with her daughter. She is also saving more money by simply fetching her daughter on time and not having to pay up to $500 a week, as she used to, for late fees.

Hubbert now travels about 45 minutes—and no longer 2 hours—to get to work. With an affordable car financing, she does not have to take two trains and a bus anymore.

Programs like Ways to Work and institutions like Prescott Financial leave low-income individuals like Hubbart dreaming of a better credit and a healthier financial life.

Find more information about Prescott Financial here.

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